Yuka de Visser

I am Yuka from Tokyo, Japan! I grew up in Tokyo, left to US for University and while finishing my studies, I met my Dutch guy. We started our adventures in San Francisco, Chicago, Dubai, Kazakhstan and now finally settled in Eerbeek, closer to the grandparents. I like to consider myself as a international citizen because I grew up in an international environment and continued to live away from my home land.

The reason I decided to become part of Arnhem Together was because of the positive output that Ghanaan and Sophie gives out to all of the interesting women in this great community. Every woman deserves to be praised for the effort, hardship, emotional roller coaster and work that make them, them. I feel that this community is a very welcoming group and has lots to offer to many women as an expat or not.

My week is pretty filled up with working for a contact lens company in Elst and being a mother of 2
boys. Oh, yes! My husband also has a bar in Amsterdam!

My favourite past time (after my kids go to bed) is drinking wine and eating good food. I even plan my holidays around where I want to eat. I spend hours looking for cheap flights and dream of travelling to places where they have excellent dishes. When I am not planning my holidays, I enjoy Zumba and yoga. I never plan how my life should be, I just go along and see what happens.