Playgroup Arnhem

If you have small children and are looking for a play date, may we suggest the amazing playgroups below. Feel free to join, make some friends and have a cup of coffee/tea while the kids are playing. Being honest it is more a “mom” play date…

Kids Together International Playgroup for Schoolkids and Parents.

Every 3rd Wednesday of the month from 2.30 – 4.30pm in the afternoon for kids 4 years and older. Nice to be in contact with children and Mum & Dads from all over the world and the Netherlands.
The playdate will be at varied locations.

Cost: 1 euro
If you are interested contact or follow our Arnhem Together page Events section – playgroups are included. Or sign up at:

TOTS & TEA International Playgroup

This is an English speaking playgroup for parents in and around Arnhem/Nijmegen for children between 0 and 4 years.
Join us for play dates every Thursday from 9.30-11.30 am. No judgements, no expectations. Just relax and share experiences, have a coffee together and chat, while the children play ‘together’.
If you fancy it, you can arrange or suggest fun activities also.
Looking forward to meet you all 🙂
Location: parents homes or outside locations
Cost: 1 euro
Follow Arnhem Together’s Event section for details and join the Tots & Tea FB page for regular updates on the location of the meet.


Meeting place for children 0-4 and parents in Arnhem South (Monday’s) and North (Friday’s). In Dutch, but also runs one-off activities such as dance and music. Entrance is 2.50 euros, includes tea, coffee or juice. Just turn up for the weekly meetings. Activities sometime need reserving ahead and may incur extra costs.