Renée Shortz

Hi! My name is Renée Shortz and I have been living in Arnhem for the past 17 years and in the Netherlands for 28 years. As I’ve just entered my 54th year on this great earth, I do so by ending one lengthy term of employment (8 years) and have recently stated a new job, both in finance administration. I seem to like starting over repeatedly, so it just makes sense to shake things up a bit.

I arrived in the Netherlands in 1994 from the United States. Since the age of 10, I wanted to move abroad and speak another language. I had a job opportunity and jumped at the chance. It was more important to be here and to really integrate than it was to have a career. I thought I’d be here
for 5 years or so. Life had other plans.

I absolutely love being part of Arnhem Together. I love being able to meet other women from all around the globe to share our experiences, create new memories and to support each other when needed. Being in another country with very little support system is HARD. I have been here long enough that I no longer feel like an expat, but I can likely relate to things that others go through here as well.