We all have a story to share and we can grow and become stronger as individuals, and as a group, by listening to one another.
• We create a dialogue between one another.

Arnhem Together acts as a catalyst and provides an essential platform where women can share experiences, stories, and embrace differences to evolve together.
• Our strength comes from within the community that we build based on our commonalities, yet nourished by our differences.

We connect women by creating opportunities to meet, network, share, and discover a new sense of belonging. We do this via face-to face events as well as online and offline platforms. Our events range from relaxed coffee mornings, network get-togethers, to skilled workshops, and professional development.
• We nurture one another and ground our identity so that we truly belong, wherever we may be.

We utilise the resources and talent within our community to provide opportunities for our members to connect. We aim to change your world for the better.
• We facilitate dialogue and enable relationships. We create our own opportunities.

We have a wealth of information that we openly share and are always open to exploring new ideas to collaborate. Be it giving women a platform to promote their
businesses, showcase their skills, or simply meet new friends.
• We create opportunities for our community to grow and for members to have access to the local marketplace for business and interest.

Founders: Ghanaan Edwards & Sophie Kollewijn-Hopkins

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead