Francesca Giaccherini

My name is Francesca Giaccherini, I was born and raised in Italy. I lived in Italy until I was 30 years old, then my husband and I, decided to move to Canada, taking the opportunity of my Postdoc offer. After two years in Canada, we relocated to the Netherlands due to my husband’s job.

I hold a PhD in Civil and Environmental Engineering and I currently work as Application Design Manager for Trojan Technologies, working in the water sector since my PhD studies.

Even if I am lazy and watching TV on the couch is what I dream about, I do have quite a lot of hobbies…I like knitting/crocheting in the winter, I like everything about music, I like going to museums/expositions, I like visiting new cities, I like trekking and being in nature, I like almost all kind of sport activities, and due to my Italian DNA, I love spending time with friends and enjoying eating, drinking and cooking.