Cintia Spira

I am Cintia. I am family physician and health researcher, mom of 2 amazing and inspiring kids and wife. An Argentinian woman who moved to The Netherlands with a lot of fears, dreams and hopes. After living in different places, I was hooked on living abroad and immersing myself in another culture and place.

Being a physician and researcher is my passion. My love for healthcare and research stems from my mission to touch people’s lives with what I do – adding value to their lives that actually impacts them in a meaningful way. I am grateful to work in a field that genuinely inspires and motivates me every day.

I love those I love very much. I am not afraid of new things; in fact, I get bored quickly with almost everything. I like to share with my friends and family. I always knew that I wanted to discover and travel the world. Being able to travel has been not only a privilege, but also a head-spinning experience.

The idea of meeting experienced women and life expertise seemed really appealing to me. Over the years I was privileged to witness how powerful women can be when they come together, and how important it is for us to pave the way for our own success. I want to be part of the movement that encourages more and more women to do so.

I believe Arnhem Together is a space where we could all support each other and through collaboration make us all grow.